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ETV Library
Delphi DB Components Library

Version 3.5
 of Etv Library
is available for Delphi 3-7
New in version 3.5 


Etv Data Controls

Etv Lookup
Etv List
Etv Data Master
Etv Filter
Etv Sort & Search
Etv Pages
Etv Print
Etv Rich Edit

The complete db component pack for rapid development of professional db applications

Components for supporting lookup information
Display of several lookup fields everywhere, filters, multilevelness, trees, advanced incremental search, direct editing, toggling between search/input column, lookup dataset sorting, calling of lookup dataset edit form, saving lookup information, list header, font choice, automatic choice of input column.
Multi-line headers, totals, font and color for any cell, changing fields visibility, print in text and graphics mode, toggling keyboard layout, powerful lookup and list fields, cloning of records, generation of one-record editing window, substitution of controls.
Query and filter builder, sorting and  search for records
Defining queries and filters by end-user for a single dataset and group of datasets linked as master-detail. Substitution of your dataset for the generated query and vice versa. Saving information.
Changing of dataset sorting criteria, including SQL datasets (such as TQuery). Defining sorting list.
Search for records by sorting fields, including SQL datasets (such as TQuery).
Fixed List Fields
Field and components for short fixed lists. Text values from the list correspond to smallint values from the database. 
Edit Forms Calling Mechanism & Base DB Form 
Direct calling of edit form for any dataset displayed on a form, transfer of values to the edit form, setting of the dataset position, return of values from the edit form. Most useful for editing lookup datasets.

Base DB Form with automatic page generation for editing one record, defining and setting of filters and queries, opening, sorting, searching and refreshing of information, other functions and options.
Multi-function Popup Menus
Run-time: Popup menus of data-aware controls contain functions of navigation, records cloning, plus many others depending on the type of controls. Popup menus are auto attached to all etv controls without them. 
Design-time: Dataset popup menu allows data browsing, editing and other operations in the designer; copying information to clipboard; copying labels from a database; displays info about dataset, and more. 
Popup menus of data-aware controls allow proceeding to dataset and datafield, and more.
Controls for db fields & User controls substitution into the library
In the course of work some etv components create controls (data-aware and -unaware) for various data fields. A set of functions is used to adapt these controls to the fields and attach multifunction popup menus to them. 
User can redefine control for any field type, including controls used in the grid. Redefined controls will be used by etv components.
Other components and mechanisms

  • Datasets - editing data in the design-time; popup menu in designer; check of mastersource when inserting a record, autoincrement fields calculation, and more. 
  • TEtvPageControl+TEtvTabSheet - turning off data on inactive pages; enhanced design-time popup menu; TEtvTabSheet has the OnActivate and OnDeactivate events.
  • Automatic opening/refreshing datasets in run-time.
  • Printing in the text and graphics mode with various parameters.
  • Records cloning for dataset groups linked as master-detail
  • DBRichEdit with rich popup menu; record-by-record search and replacement.
  • Various elements for design- and run-time.
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